Knowhow passes down from generation to generation. Techniques, secrets of the trade, sources of raw materials, all those things are learnt during the day to day adventure that is the life of a craftsperson.
Along with these skills, there is something else, which is harder to explain, the delight, the buzz, the movement that is creation, the impulse, to invent, to improve techniques, to experiment with exciting materials, to harness new technologies, to face new challenges, or to create just for creation’s sake because it gives us back something …. it makes us feel good inside, satisfied, content.

It is these skills, this ability, this energy which we then go on to put at the service of the Industry, so that new furniture models can be developed and existing ones can be upgraded and improved. Wood furniture, metal, ceramic, or even something completely new...
We provide the larger, contract or business client, when new to the world, with what it needs to define itself, we provide existing clients with the means to show a new face or indeed to redefine or upgrade an existing one.

Dining tables, seating, beds, furniture, lockers, containers for hostels, hotels or other communal spaces. Offices receptions, foyers, meeting rooms …
We take care of design, building prototypes, material studies, cost and price, manufacturing systems, market research and marketing mode.
We also provide solutions and innovations in the home, our aim is simply to help you improve your everyday life.