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Table for kitchen, dining room or terrace

Times change and our habits too. Often, on weekdays, living as we do with one eye on the clock, we have neither the time nor the inclination to prepare and cook our food. However, that which has not changed is our need to have something to eat. We resort to a pre-cooked dish, turning tantalisingly in the microwave before us. But how many times just as the microwave “click” sounds and our mouth is already watering, the phone rings and the dish gets cold as the conversation heats up.

Eating needs peace, you need to be comfortably seated, dish squarely in front of you on the table. Yes! Now you can take that call, simply press a button and this table keeps the food warm whilst the conversation proceeds, time even to browse the newspaper, relax and prepare with an aperitif.

LOLA, is a warm and comfortable table, which pampers us, but do not be fooled, it is an extremely tough character, it is as hard as a diamond, nothing can scratch it, nothing can stain it, nothing can break it. Made in an innovative, porcelain material, capable of incorporating induction heating elements which almost miraculously keep the dish warm but not the table-top; no burns and no blisters.

LOLA, a nice table.


- A table for the kitchen, the dining-room or the terrace

- Metal structure, coated in epoxy-polyester

- Table-top in TPB®, a porcelain material which is extremely durable. You cannot scratch it, stain it or break it. Acids cannot attack it and it is Patented

- Variety of colours for the structure and different finishes for the top.