Modular shelving system

Often, modular shelving systems lack vertical elements purely for aesthetic reasons and when these design criteria further encourage the use of flimsy and inadequate fixings and there is no rear panel you can very quickly end up with an unstable, weak and disappointing structure.

In the case of the BOOKSHELF MANEL it is precisely the aesthetic that solves these problems. Aesthetic of line, thickness and proportion and of materials too. Take solid oak shelving, lightly varnish to enhance the natural look of the timber and give it a feeling of great strength. Add vertical side pieces in steel plate, in proportion, very thin, allowing modules to fit side by side yet discreetly masking the duplication of vertical elements.

The rawness of the materials used is softened by its simple, rounded forms. And despite its solidity, the clean lines and spaces in between make BOOKSHELF MANEL extremely light in weight.

- Modular shelving system with endless possible combinations of size and shape, extending out both sideways and upwards

- The vertical sides, in steel plate, are lacquered or coated with transparent varnish. There are five height options

- The horizontal shelves are in solid oak, with a special varnish that preserves the naturalness of the wood. They come in a choice of two standard lengths and can also be cut to size.