Folding desk

Laptops, tabletsand smartphones are replacing pen and paper when writing. We no longer send conventional letters; we send messages, emails, Whatsapps, Telegrams and Tweets. If people change we must adapt to their needs. With this in mind we have produced the ALFA desktop with built-in battery charging facilities and speakers too.

True to the spirit of an old style writing desk it functions as a small private, personal space and when closed it hides our secrets.

It also allows you to save space. It is ideal for small rooms, not only in private homes or apartments but in student accommodation, and in Hotel rooms too; following the trend, beds grow larger but the space left for the desk does not.

This private retreat can be customised and there are several options, it can even become a seductive dressing table with indirect lighting, leather drawers and a retractable mirror.


-          Folding desktop, designed especially for reduced spaces. It is fixed to the wall and when folded extends outwards for only 20 cm

-          Designed as a workspace for laptops etc., with battery charging points and built-in speakers for listening to music and more

-          Can also be used as a dressing table, with mirror

-          Has built-in lighting

-          Ideal for hotels and hostels

-          Wide range of options, from the basic model upwards

-          Variety of colours and finishes.